Fix The Blogger Template Scrolling Problem

From my Wizbang Tech Site.

The new version of Blogger has new templates that for some reason have scrolling issues in Internet Explorer. The CSS for the template appears not to work properly in IE. This could be to IE or the template, but do you really care? You just want a fix. I’ve got two possibilities for you:

1) Put this: <div style=”clear:both;”></div>
Just before the </body> tag at the bottom of your template. That should fix the scrolling problem.

2) Put this: <?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’UTF-8′?>
at the top of your template. This allegedly fixes the problem as well.

We’ve tested the first code block (#1), so that’s what I’m recommending you implement. Thanks to AnticipatoryRetaliation for testing out the code. I’d love to give credit to the site I originally found this at, but I honestly don’t remember where I saw it…

There are something like 100,000 or so BlogSpot sites, I expect to be blogrolled by each of you for fixing your blog. Blogroll me now! I expect to pass InstaPundit by the morning 🙂

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