Things that distracted me from doing real work:

  • Outside The Beltway is having a Caption Contest™ of a Neil Armstrong picture. Evidently he is not dead yet. Here’s another guy who you probably thought was dead.
  • Frank J knows a homophone when he see’s one, and it’s not a phone booth in a gay bar.
  • Bill Quick notes that Tom Daschle is entering the blogging fray, sort of.
  • Gennie was nice enough to point out a Fountain of Waynes video for MILF and Fast Times at Ridgemenot High lovers. She was not amused by the video.
  • Steve sums up my feelings on the Best Movie list. I noted that I wished I had not put Star Wars on the list. I actually meant to put Meatballs in it’s place…
  • Moxie worries about the quality of the new NBC show Coupling. I share her concern, and have been dreading and anticipating the show premiere for months

While I may be on the enemy list at IMAO, his comments on correction etiquette apply here as well.

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