Blogging Holiday For InstaPundit?

Glenn Reynolds offered this post: “How Do I Get My Work Done?” over the weekend. He failed to mention where he was posting from though. I think CNN has the scoop on where he’s been spending his weekends.

MURFREESBORO, Tennessee (AP) — The threat of scrapes and bruises, not to mention sunburn, didn’t stop the fledgling North American Nude Bikers club from holding its first rally this weekend.

Events at the Rock Haven Lodge Family Nudist Park in southeast Rutherford County included a barbecue, live music, bike games and a poker run — where bikers vie for the best hand by drawing cards at stops along the way. They don’t actually ride naked. Mostly.

“You’ve got to be real careful or you’re liable to get something burnt or hurt,” club Vice President Allen “Anchor” Turner said. Turner, 46, came up with the idea for the group last November.

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