Rejected Blogathon Themes

My theme is tech blogging and Autism stories. I’m happy with my choices, but there were others that didn’t make the cut.

  • InstaPundit Grovel Day – I declare a new holiday by linking to every InstaPundit post for the last year in one post, in a desparate attempt to get noticed
  • Insult Day – Say incredibly mean things about every blogger I can find to drive up traffic
  • Ways to use ACME products on Frank J. – Long descriptions of Wile E. Coyote style attempts to destroy IMAO.
  • Foot Porn – 24 hours of toe shots
  • Cat Porn – 24 hours of cat pictures, just to piss off Acidman
  • Guess what this child had for lunch – I provide the diaper picture and you guess what he had for lunch
  • What Not To Wear – I model 70’s and 80’s clothes, you decide which stay or go.
  • Car Repair – I get a flat tire and blog it!

Meryl has here list of Rejected Blogathon Themes up as well.

Sorry about those last two, I just couldn’t help myself…

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