Real Journalism

It’s happening in the blogosphere is the general consensus…

James Joyner notes that Steven Den Beste has a piece in todays Wall Street Journal. Those with the fortitude to spend a little extra time reading should go directly to this piece on the real goals and motives behind the war in Iraq.

Dean Esmay notes that real journalism happens here in the blogosphere.

Bigwig’s Denouement is better than anything in your newspaper this week. Attention Sunday magazine editors, purchase the rights to run that piece this weekend.

Update: Joe Katzman in a comment to Dean’s post reminds me that the MuslimPundit post this week at Winds of Change and The Command Post fits this description.

James Joyner is not completely sold on the idea.

Update 2: I’ve posted another angle on bloggers as journalists at MediaReview.

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