Another (In)Famous Female Prisoner Looking For Love

Prosecutors say Jeen (“Jeena”)Young Han recruited two teenage boys in November 1996 to kill her sister, Sunny, so that she could take Sunny’s identity and bury her own checkered past.

On November 20, 1997, after two days of deliberation, a Santa Ana, California jury found defendants Jeena Han, John Sayarath and Archie Bryant guilty of conspiracy to kill Han’s twin sister Sunny. On May 8, 1998, Jeena Han was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison.

From CourtTV

Here’s a quote from her brand new personal ad:

Hi!! I am very interested in a single, sweet, honest, caring, loyal, and kind hearted man out there. I am positive, very loyal, devoted, open minded and honest with a very sweet personality. I have a great smile and I hope that my smile could brighten up your day. I speak three different languages and I am also musically inclined.

See the full Women Behind Bars ad.

I recognized her from the CourtTV coverage of her trial. In her ad she forgets to mention plotting to kill her twin sister. Must have been an oversight.

For those considering correspondence; only 14 years until you get to be together!

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