Blogathon Gimmick

What will I be doing during the Blogathon?

I will, of course, be blogging and highlighting and discussing autism. I will be cross blogging with Meryl, Michele, and Laurence. See their major gimmicks by clicking on their name.

But my “gimmick” will be tech blogging. As many of you may know I’ve gotten a bit of a reputation as a techie. I’ll put those abilities to work for you in address questions and issues from my sponsors as well as non sponsors. I’ll have a variety of posts on topics of technical interest and answer questions in the comments.

Need technical help of any sort? I promise to try to find and post the answer for you. Need a tool or bit of code developed? I’ll try to do that as well. Sponsors get priority, and I will address their issues to the best of my abilities regardless of the timeframe of the Blogathon. That last offer only applies to sponsors.

Send suggustions for topics to me via e-mail or comments to this post.

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