Great Moments In Product Packaging

I am a Diet Vanilla Coke drinker, I used to be a Diet Coke drinker, but now I prefer the Vanilla variety. I’ve always been a fan of Coca Cola products and I’ve never much cared for Diet Pepsi. Coca Cola brand products, at least based on an informal survey in Northern Virginia, seem to have made a breakthrough in cola refrigerator storage technology. I present the new twelve-pack design for all Coca Cola products:

This does not qualify as an earth shattering innovation. Even so, I’ll bet you are thinking that the packaging looks like it would fit easily in the refrigerator. That’s exactly what it is designed for. Instead of a 4×3 design the packaging now uses a 6×2 design that fits easily into refrigerator shelves. The front opens dispenser like to provide access to the cans.

It probably only cost a few million bucks to develop. Genius…

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