The Grass Isn't Going To Cut Itself, Or Is It?

Fresh off a victory over the scourge of weeds and two week old grass, the title to this post came to me in a day dream. Every day I let the grass get a little longer I would imagine my wife saying, “The grass isn’t going to cut itself”. Of course she would never say this because:

A) She doesn’t care about the grass like I do, and
B) She knows how compulsive I am about keeping a nice lawn.

So I wondered, short of a lawn mowing service, was there a way for my grass to cut itself? Apparently the answer to that question is yes.

A quick read of the fine print assures me that I would never be able to live with this little robot. If you’ve got an appropriately sized and shaped lawn, it’s an (expensive) option for you. When I finally do get around to putting a tip jar and wish list up, maybe I’ll add this, but probably not…

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