Notes For The Evening

The Spoons Experience wonders if this is blogwar? He proposed alternative match-ups. Maybe we should each go kick the stuffing out of the sites he matched us up against, prior to donning our armor against each other. Know this, I have the ACME Link Disintegrator ready to pull out of my toolkit should the battle go into the realm of WMD. You’ll have to guess what is does, but Jay Solo can tell you about it’s evil effects…

On the subject of Trackback link whoring, I forgot to mention a few other fine sites offering this service: Amish Tech Support, Electric Venom, Outside The Beltway, PoliBlog, and probably a few others I’m unaware of. If you’re sitting at 25 Ecosystem links, for example, and you are wondering why that number is not climbing, via these fine sites you have the power to raise that total. Trackback to stories at sites like these and your Ecosystem ranking WILL INCREASE. Many of the previously mentioned sites have some sort of reciprocal blogroll or Technorati functions that will recognize your link to them as well. Knowing all of this don’t you feel just a tiny bit more empowered?

Support these fine sites and others like them that acknowledge your links.

One last note, I’m considering changing the blogroll to show in the order of most recent updates. Thoughts: pro or con?

Update: The blogroll has been changed to show in terms of most recent update. Other sites featuring inline trackback listing: A Single Guy In The South and The World Around You

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