Fine Ladies I've Neglected To Mention Lately

Where ever could my manners have gone…

  • Dawn Olsen has score a journalistic coup of Barbara Walters’ish proportions (the scoop not the subject one would assume).
  • Dagoddess is hosting the upcoming 44th edition of the Carnival of the Vanities.
  • Moxie is living the fast life in her own unique way.
  • Meryl and Michele raising money for a wonderful cause (Magen David Adom) in this years Blogathon. So is Laurence, but he’s neither a lady, nor someone I’ve neglected to mention…
  • Kate is retooling, like Arnie in T3, and she’ll be back to kick some low life ass! I was waiting for her to mention this so I could note to would be miscreants that they should seriously reconsider screwing with her. Think of the Samuel L. Jackson scene at the begining of Pulp Fiction where he says, “And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.” Get the point?
  • Margi, Anna, Susie, Linda, and Kate – ladies who have all been kind enough to sponsor me in the Blogathon. Of course I want to thank all the male sponsors as well…

Mickey Mouse, Spammer?
I Could Not Resist Noting This...


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