Links Of The Day

  • Phillip Coons has a cool new feature called a Blog Watch, which tracks some fine blogs. I’m honored that he has included Wizbang. Phillip has a great site, it’s heavy on news and always full of content. Make it a regular stop on your blog rounds.
  • Right Wing News has the story on the Conyers-Berman bill that would make file sharing copyrighted material a felony. Yeah that’s a real good idea, NOT!
  • Michele has seen the future and she knows it’s going to be ugly.
  • Jay Solo has a link to a story about whether the TWA 800 crash was a terror attack. Note to Jay, my blogroll entry is out of date.
  • Margi is giving more that sponsorship, she’s spreading the word. Thanks Margi!
  • Thanks to Laurence for initally pointing out my Instalanche… I’m always the last to know.. Also he’s a member of the Link Cosmos brigade now as well.
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