Even The Odds

I appear to be in the cross hairs… This is acceptable, however I may need a little help from Wizbang visitors in evening the odds. The latest TTLB rankings indicate that I’m a bit behind he who has plans for me later.

Ecosystem Links
IMAO: 412 (As of posting time)
Wizbang: 182 (As of posting time)

Traffic Rankings
IMAO: 15
Wizbang : 88 36

My traffic ranking will surely surge tomorrow, but the links number is rising only slowly. Need I remind you that I don’t just talk about link whoring and adding you to my blogroll (like someone else mentioned in this post), I provide you the tools to link whore yourself here every day.

How do you link whore yourself out at Wizbang?

Blogroll – You blogroll me you get a link in the recipiroll *** (at a minimum). See what blogrolling Frank J’s site gets you: Zippy.
Trackback – You trackback to a story at Wizbang you get an Ecosystem link. Trackback to a post at Frank J’s site and what kind of Ecosystem link do you get: Zippy.

MT users have the capability to automatically send trackback pings, and if your’s is not let me know and I’ll tell you how to configure it to do so. If your blogging system does not automatically support sending trackbacks (i.e. Blogger), never fear, I’ve solved that problem for you as well. Click on the Wizbang Trackback icon on the sidebar or visit my Wizbang Tech blog to use the tool I built just for you! There’s even a bookmarklet for you to use to prefill the form.

What’s Frank J built for you lately? When did he automatically link to you just for linking to him? Inquiring minds want to know…

Update: *** – The reciprocal blogroll function only works if your blogroll is hosted on Blogrolling.com. If you do blogroll me and you don’t use blogrolling, just let me know via e-mail. I’ll add you manually.

Notes For The Evening
Worst Analogy Of The Year


  1. Ith July 18, 2003
  2. Da Goddess July 19, 2003
  3. Jennifer July 19, 2003
  4. Capt Morpholine July 20, 2003