How To Mock Thee…

They’ve got to make this a little harder for me. This stuff mocks itself…

Sci-fi pundit Marc Eisenburg, 38 […], was dealt harsh criticism by members of the Star Trek fan community yesterday when he presented his controversial paper A Star Destroyer Could Beat the Enterprise E to a packed crowd […] during the annual Star Trek convention.

“Especially if they had Darth Vader on board, cause he could use his death grip on Picard and the Enterprise crew wouldn’t know what to do!” said Eisenburg.

Eisenburg’s theory, which he says is based mostly on intuitive speculation and a few computer simulations of battles between similar ships, was immediately denounced as “stupid and gay” by many in the audience.

Read The Whole BBSpot ArticlePerhaps those in attendance at the convention should have spent a little more time at the Apartment Locater booth or the Love Connections booth.

Update: Well someone was had, but it wasn’t me 🙂 This article is from a satire site. I noticed on a newswire feed, so I linked it. Do I feel silly now? Sort of..

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