Trade These Clowns

James draws the lines between two asshat’s who make a mockery of religion. Both of the following gentlemen communicate with a different sort of God than the rest of us:

Pat Robertson – Can’t the conservative team trade this clown to the Brights for a couple prospects and a player to be named later?
Deion Sanders – Who dissed Marty Schottenheimer and was out of football within a year. I hear the Southern Baptists are going cut him in a salary cap move soon…

Sorry Brights, since you’re the new team in town we’re going to ‘school’ you in a few trades of our overpriced veterans… Can you tell I’m getting worked up for football season?

By the way, Jesus has spoken to me about my property tax assessment. He says I got screwed. I agree…

Update: Jesus Deion prevails in court, as noted at OTB. Try this technique the next time you go out to eat: Casually mention a $25 cap on the bill, order the Filet Mignon and a bottle of wine, then leave $25. Chances are you’ll spend the night in jail, unless you’re Deion.

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