Netscape 4 Readers – Tips

Today I implemented page compression to speed the page load at Wizbang. Either your browser supports it or it doesn’t, but most do. If your browser doesn’t support compression, like IE for Mac everything should still work just fine.

Netscape 4 sort of supports compression, which is not good. I’ve heard that Netscape 4 may not work so well with the page compression in use here now. If you are one of the .1% of the readers of this site who are using Netscape 4.x (verified in my server logs), please leave a comment if the site looks wrong beginning today. Of course feedback on technical errors applies to readers with other browsers as well.

Pages should be loading much faster now, so don’t assume that I’m going to disable this feature if it doesn’t work with Netscape 4.

Update: Thanks to the lone Netscape 4 user Jen, we have a work around: disable style sheets. I’ve seen the site, thanks to a screen shot from Jen, on Netscape 4, and you’d be well advised to follow her recomendation.

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  1. jen July 14, 2003
  2. jen July 14, 2003