Mini Kevin Update

I was just going to link Kevin Holtsberry’s piece, but I’ll throw in a couple extra…

Kevin Holtsberry’s has a post on OSU running back Maurice Clarett passing a class where he skipped the midterm and final exam. The guy is a great running back, but a little kooky, expect to see him in and NFL training camp about this time next year. The scandal and his antics guarantee this will probably be his second and last year of college football.

Kevin Drum has been posting about Dean Esmay’s “brights“post. His original post was overwhelmed with comments (actually a good, but very long read). In answering Dean’s last post he offers this. I must say that is a not a very strong case against Dean’s update.

I found another Kevin at The Smallest Minority. He was recaping the weekend posts, and forgot me. I’m hurt (just kidding)…

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