From The Wizbang Operational Manual

There aren’t really and hard and fast rules here at Wizbang. Obviously it’s my blog and I’ll make them up as I see fit… Current operating procedure are as follows:

#1 – I read every comment and trackback.

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#2 – I don’t respond to every comment, I wish I could, I just can’t.
#3 – See #1
#4 – I get requests to do lots of stuff and help people. I actually fulfill a lot of those requests, but there are limits to my time. If I can’t help you, it’s not because I don’t like you.
#5 – Again see #1
#6 – My 2 year old twins have entered the “me, me, me” stage of their life. This makes the Wizbang wife very tired and occasionally cranky. I do whatever I can to avoid that situation. My boys are not big fans of Dad sitting at the computer unless they are on my lap banging on the keyboard. I promise to post one of their keyboard banging episodes at some point…
#7- Need I remind you #1 still applies…
#8 – Often I reply to comments via e-mail, and promptly forget to reply in the comment section.
#9 – I really enjoy #1
#10 – I’ve got a full time job, a separate company that I’m trying to grow, 2 kids, a wife, I play Division I softball in Fairfax County, VA 2 nights a week, and 3 blogs.

That was a really long and drawn out way of saying I love the comments and interaction going on here, but there are times that I can’t respond to everything. I’ve tried my darnedest to make comments and trackbacks an integral part of the experience here because I like it that way, and I hope you do as well.

This post is not directed at or to anyone, so please don’t assume I’m trying to convey any deep hidden message. I just want to preemptively explain why on occasion I don’t respond to comments.

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