Store Owner Spanks Kid For Training Parrot To Swear

STATESVILLE, N.C. — A North Carolina store owner says a boy was bothering a parrot and teaching it to swear — so he spanked him. Now he faces a misdemeanor assault charge.

William Soper says he was just defending his property.

Soper keeps eight pet parrots at his Clock World store in Statesville. He says one of them, named Sparky, began using expletives for the first time when a 9-year-old boy was at the store last month.

Soper says the boy and his 12-year-old brother also were spitting on the 6-year-old female green-wing parrot. The boys deny it.

Soper says he grabbed Matthew Bustle by the shirt, spanked him and told the boys to stay away if they couldn’t behave. Their mother called police.

If convicted, Soper could face up to 60 days in jail and a fine.

He should press charges against the mother for destruction of property. That actually may be his best avenue out of this mess. I’m sure he was trying to do the “right” thing by applying a little discipline, alas some people prefer to raise brats.

Via: Zogby Blog

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