Comments Debate

David Galbraith knocks the use of comments in blogs (Link via Evan Williams). He is of course entitled to his opinion, but I would like to highlight a case where a comment made here was quoted at The Volokh Conspiracy as an example of how comments can add value to the original post and even take it in a new direction.

The Dusty Baker controversy post is here, and has been updated with links to Eugene Volokh’s post referencing JT’s comment. I would say that is a powerful argument for comments.

I think the only real valid argument against comments is that there is a level at which the number of comments become overwhelming. Excluding non bloggers by eliminating comments and keeping trackbacks seems very clique-ish. Wizbang is in no danger of being overwhelmed or that self absorbed anytime soon…

The moral of the story? Sometimes the comment becomes the story!

Update: Kate has a good point. Just to be clear on my opinion, I agree with her. If you don’t want or can’t have comments on your blog it’s entirely up to you.

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