The New 'MediaReview' – Keeping An Eye On The Media So You Don't Have To

Bryan from Arguing with signposts has assumed command of MediaReview. As part of the transition (the old site automatically redirects) we’ve moved to a new domain and plan to keep things lively and fresh. It is ironic that on the day we are announcing the move MediaMinded (another great site) is closing up shop. We are hoping MediaMinded readers will make MediaReview a regular stop on their blog rounds.

About the new blog leader:

Bryan has over 18 years experience in various print media. Over that time, he has been a writer, editor, copy editor, designer, photographer, printer, and teacher. He currently teachs journalism and media at a small private college in the southeast, and is enrolled in a PhD program in mass communication.

I told you that I would find someone with the chops to carry the MediaReview banner forward. I will continue to participate and contribute. Please help us spread the word about the site relaunch…

Good Lord, NOOOOOO!!!!!
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