Update: The "Miss Vermont" Story

I had a piece (The Miss Vermont Story) on these two pieces of trash battling each other over who could prove themselves a bigger dumbass. Well it appears that Ms. Johnson is trying to take the lead in the race. She is claiming that none of the debauchery ever happened. Of course when the dimwitted (MENSA membership notwithstanding) battle the self-absorbed fireworks are bound to erupt.

Mr. Max now has a page with all the legal briefs and pictures and video clips as proof that his story was true. Then he drops a potential Monica-gate “blue dress” reference as to possessing additional proof.

You know why I am so confident? I have another trump card–as if the video and picture aren’t enough-and I’m saving that trump card in case this case goes any further. If it stops, you’ll never hear about it, just like you never would have seen that video or picture had she not filed this suit.

They may be asshats, but they’re entertaining ones…

Hat Tip: AintNoBadDude

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