Welcome To The New Wizbang

I’ve moved Wizbang to it’s own domain name, and in the process switched to Movable Type.

The new look is courtesy of Joni at The Web Jones, who did a fabulous job. She’s not done yet, as there will be a few more skins to choose from coming later.

Special thanks to Laurence and Kate for providing cool bits of code to help me rapidly implement this site with a similar set of features as the old site.

Some notes about the move and redesign:

  • Comments can be viewed inline with the post via the show/hide comment option. The same applies to really long stories…
  • I am trying to get some code to store your comment viewing preference in a cookie setting. That way you could see all comments inline (or not) like the old Wizbang site.
  • The top 15 trackbacks for each post are shown inline with each entry. This is similar to the setup at Amish Tech Support and is meant to encourage the use of Trackbacks.
  • I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the comments from the old site. I may import them here, but that is a lot of work.
  • The old Wizbang site will become a tech project site for my Wizbang Trackback Form and the Running List Of BlogSpot Defectors on July 1
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