Every Day Is "STILL" Free Link Day At Wizbang

I had a post about this at the old site, but it applies to the ‘new’ Wizbang as well.

Maybe it is not obvious so I will spell it out. If you blogroll Wizbang you will, at a minimum, get a link in the reciprocal blogroll which will show up in the TTLB Ecosystem. Since comments are shown inline at Wizbang, if you leave a comment and put your blog in the URL box you will get a TTLB Ecosystem link. With the new MT system I pretty sure this still holds true.

New to the MT version of Wizbang, if you send a trackback to a Wizbang story you will get an Ecosystem link.

Consider this a tip or a way to get links from my site without my intervention. I’ve got no problem with folks doing this…

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  1. O. F. Jay June 30, 2003