Good Morning Blogosphere, Our Guest This Morning Is Tom From Iron Monkey

Kevin: Tom from Iron Monkey is our guest this morning, here to discuss this post We are Blorg on how blogging turns us into The Borg.
Tom: Good morning. By the way I like your “Pundit Free Week”

Kevin: Thanks! I like the Blorg premise. If we are a Blorg collective what should our mission be?
Tom: I think the collective can potentially give us new styles of thinking and of creativity through spontaneous collaboration. For example, the Blorg article itself came about that way. I posted a comment on Eve’s site The Swamp, and that led her to write “WE ARE BLORG” in reply, then that gave me a framework for some ideas I’d had but didn’t know how to express.

Kevin: Would blogging as we know it now need to adapt?
Tom: I think blogging is continually adapting in ways that enhance collectivization. Like the way that Technorati provides a tool to find out who links to you.

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Kevin: Sites like Command Post and 4 Color Hell are sort of Blorgs, but they need a benevolent leader. Is the highest level one can reach leader of a large Blorg?
Tom: In a sense, every blogger is *both* the leader of his or her own collective, and a “worker” in the collective of every other blogger who chooses to use that person’s information. So in a way we are already at that “highest” level from the beginning. I don’t think it’s all that important how “large” a collective is. It’s more important that it works for you.

Kevin: Were you following the Moxie vs. MoxiePop episode? The reason I ask is that in reading your post I saw tones of Blorg vs. Blorg in that debate… Sort of a Blorg gone bad…
Tom: I did not follow that in detail, though I remember hearing about it. The issue was about copying someone else’s style, right?

Kevin: Yes. And name, but then it turned into a battle of supporters of each site conducted on the comments section at blogs all over. Those supporters were Blorg members of one of the two Moxies…
Tom: So you mean that each of those sites was a Blorg?

Kevin: Yes.
Tom: That makes sense with the Blorg metaphor, yes. The interesting thing is that I bet some of those borg members were people the Moxie’s didn’t necessarily even know *existed* until then.

Kevin: Absolutely, That’s what’s interesting about your concept, what you do (i.e. post) shapes the membership of your borg over time as you gain or lose members due to what you post and link.
Tom: Yes. Another example: a few months ago I was in a serious motorcycle accident, in which I was lucky to escape with only a few broken bones. Some people from blogs organized a “get well card” for me. I was really blown away by that. I didn’t expect it at all, but it really cheered me up.

Kevin: I meant to ask about the accident – how are you now in terms of recovery. I see posting quantity is up – I imaging that typing is getting easier…
Tom: Yes, it is easier. I’ve recovered 80-90% of my range of motion, and I’m told I should probably get 100% back. Then I need to work on strength.

Kevin: Excited about the Women’s World Cup? I imagine you will be THE go to site.
Tom: Very excited, yes. And there will be games played in my home town of Portland, OR. I can’t wait. I’ve watched soccer all my life (and played some, too) and I think women’s soccer is more fun to watch than the men’s game. It is more flowing and offense-oriented.

Kevin: Who’s going to win? Who is the main competition for the US team?
Tom: I think the US has a very good chance of winning, but they will have some trouble with teams like China and Norway.

Kevin: I noticed you generally don’t have men’s soccer.
Tom: I watch men’s soccer too, of course, but I think there are enough sites about that.

Kevin: Running multiple blogs, how hard is that?
Tom: Well, the blog that got me started in blogging is Snarkfest. It is a multiple-author site. I started posting comments there and eventually I became an author. I write there when I want to write about reality TV or dramas. My Matrix Essays site is just about the Matrix movies. It is a very tightly focused site. Iron Monkey is for everything else.

Kevin: Thinking of moving off of BlogSpot?
Tom: Not really. BlogSpot does what I need it to.

Kevin: Do you have a RSS feed?
Tom: I do have a link to my RSS feed, maybe it is not obvious enough 🙂 Should change how it looks?

Kevin: I just saw it; yes I would put the XML box there to make it more obvious. Using a RSS reader really expands your Blorg… I’ve got maybe 100 sites that I can read daily. With a web browser I just couldn’t do that…
Tom: Nice, another Blorg tool.

Kevin: So if you were to try and explain Iron Monkey to a family member or friend who was not familiar with blogs – how would you describe it?
Tom: It is a personal site, but not in the sense of writing about what I had for breakfast that day :-). I mainly write about ideas and analysis of various topics. I started out writing mostly about video games and soccer, but I’ve branched out into other things.

Kevin: That’s it for my questions… Thanks for your time.
Tom: Thanks.

Well there you have it, installment number three of the blog authors book tour on Good Morning Blogosphere. Thank you to Tom for participating. Solicitations for next guest will come out in a post on 7/6.

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