Reviewing the Ecosystem Bottom Five

As of Noon 06/24/2003 here are the bottom 5 in the TTLB Ecosystem:

3027. The Coyote\’s Bark () details
3028. VRWC, Inc. () details
3029. Junk for Code () details
3030. Wicked Thoughts () details
3031. Michael Darby () details

Since Tiger was bold enough to rate the top 10 entries in the Ecosystem I though I’d have a little fun and rate the bottom 5. Why not 10, you ask? Well I challenge you to read the bottom ten entries. They’re there for a reason 🙂

Note to the 5 of you: Since you will be lifted out of the bottom of the Ecosystem with the posting of this review you are all commanded to immediately blogroll me!!!

STOP! GO NO FURTHER! READ! Anyone who is offended by my review of their site, remember you are entitled to one opinion here at Wizbang, mine (quote stolen from another blog – I just can’t remember which one). If I mock your blog it is only out of love. In cruelly mocking your blog I of course speak for the entire blogosphere, just that the rest of them are too afraid to say anything to you. Perhaps you should use deodorant.

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3027. The Coyote’s Bark

Terry at The Coyote’s Bark seems to have a fascination with the Darwin awards. He is also banking on Tony Pierce to send links and traffic his way – looks like that’s not working out so well. My only comment is that a page full of one line posts is not going to garner you a lot of regular readers.

3028. VRWC, Inc.

James at VRWC is to be commended for the fine choice he made in moving off of BlogSpot on June 22 and immediately thanking a big time blogger (Misha) for helping with the move. James will not stay low in the rankings long as his pedigree and association with the Fisking Brigade will surely attract visitors. On content he rates an incomplete. I didn’t feel like looking for his BlogSpot site, and since he didn’t import the old material it must not have been anything to write home about.

3029. Junk for Code

I’m not sure why the Australians are so well represented at the bottom of the rankings. The conspiracy theory would be that the NZ Bear is punishing Aussies. Anyway Gary Sauer-Thompson runs this blog as well as two others. I actually liked the Philosophy blog, this one didn’t do much for me.

3030. Wicked Thoughts

This blog by bussorah has devised an ingenious way around the BlogSpot archive problems – don’t use them. Every single post back to April 26th is in the main page. After a quick read of the site I’m not sure I’m any closer to understanding this persons take on the world, but I will offer some advice: If you would like to get some links, you’ve got to link some other blogs. I couldn’t find a single link to a post on another blog site. This is just advice, not a requirement.

3031. Michael Darby

This blog was appears to have been discontinued this week by someone named John Ray. It is not entirely clear who is running this blog. The last post indicates that the subject of the blog was to publicize one Michael Darby: Observations on politics and poetry by Australian bush poet, Michael Darby. Michael was born in Sydney in 1945 and is a former Australian Army Officer who has been writing and broadcasting on politics and economics since 1972. Perhaps John Ray and Michael Darby are the same person.

Digging deeper into the content there was only the occasional reference to Darby poems and a lot of full text articles from Forbes and various Australian sources. It seems that Ray decided that he would be better off posting on his own site, and his last post has a link to his personal blog. No one was linking to either of the personalities. A possible reason for no links: Archives haven’t worked since the last week of March.

There you have it!

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