Roll Tide

Remember Mike Price the the Alabama football coach who was fired after reports of drunken escapades in a strip club and wild sex with two women in his hotel room last month? It seems he blames Sports Illustrated for his dismissal. ESPN is reporting: Price Files $20M Lawsuit For Defaming SI Story. He cites 7 inaccuracies in the story which led to his ouster. It gets a little dicey when he has to confront some of the verifiable facts:

Price, who is married, said he went to the topless club during a night of bar hopping in Pensacola. Price said he got so drunk a woman had to ride back to the hotel with him in a cab and help him to his room.

Price said he fell asleep and denied any sex was involved. Price said the hotel later made him pay for $1,000 in room service charges a woman placed on his room tab the next morning.

Yeah right, same thing happens to me all the time…

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