Weekend Wrapup

Items you may have missed that were posted this weekend, in no particular order

  • Coutney scores with the first Harry Potter review and a blogdady link…
  • Ben Kepple has the Max Factor heir story and all its sorted details.
  • Ted Hinchman has a different viewpoint on the whiteness studies piece in the Friday Washington Post.
  • Moxie has the details on the son of Howard Dean getting “cited” for robbery.
  • Steven Den Beste wraps up the BlogHouse – MT controversy.
  • BigWig proves that bloggers can make a little extra scratch by selling a post to Maxim, so what if it doesn’t resemble the original.
  • Kevin Drum gives Ann Coulter’s new blog an intentional plug, then urges you not to visit.
  • In a late addition to the list, Michele details all of the people she hates. As someone who just provided a “how to” manual for crippling the Internet, I probably don’t qualify for the “happy blogger” category… What a relief!

There you have it, a sampling of the best of the weekend… If you’ve got a gem that should be in next weeks list, E-mail it to me before 8PM EST next Sunday. The post must have been first published on June 28th or 29th.

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