More Proof There Is Lack Of Oxygen In The Ivory Towers

Outside The Beltway points to a Washington Post article on whiteness studies. It’s a fascinating glimpse of how a new pillar of political correctness is developed. Unless this is movement is “called out” quickly it will seep into every nook and cranny of the educational system.

My favorite part of the article:

The desire to always feel comfortable in their skin is something white people feel entitled to, said Avakian, who is white. The dominant group wants to control its environment, to own it. The students listened without objection, but they don’t always. Avakian said two students in an earlier semester had challenged her, questioning why she taught the course. After some discussion, Avakian recalled, they concluded her reason was white guilt.

These two UMass students got it right. The only difference between this course and a white supremacist course is how they view whiteness; one argues for the supremacy of whiteness while the other suggests whiteness is a myth.

Courtney is calling the whole idea racist.

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