Mini Review – The Hulk

Remember how bored you were in the first half of the original Superman? The same feeling applies to The Hulk, only the good feelings never arrive. It’s never a good sign when the audience laughs at the dialog in a dramatic scene because it is so bad you feel sorry for the actors and crew who had to film the scene.

My wife had a pretty good summary… When comic book films try to be serious and dramatic (as opposed to going the camp or pure fantasy route) they are bound to suck. Why? Taken as a whole, the story lines in comic books just are not that good. Comic book movie directors should stick with to the mindless fun and lite fare formula employed successfully by the X-Men or Spiderman movies. Don’t try to make us forget Death of a Salesman with your tale of the “special” little boy whose daddy didn’t love him.

I’m sure the whole movie was a setup for the beginnings of another Hollywood franchise, but you won’t be missing much if you elect to skip The Hulk and wait for the sequel.

Update: Here’s a longer review I can agree with…

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