The Picasso Of Poop

My wife regaled me with the story of one off my boy’s finger painting and afternoon snack show today. While I was at the office; I missed quite a day on the home front…

A little background on his eating habits is in order. Andrew’s diet consists of Milk, Water, Oatmeal, Quaker Oatmeal Fruit Bars, Trix Yogurt, bananas, and various inedible objects. Try as we might, we cannot make the youngster (22 months) eat anything else. Every meal he gets a new food to try, but unless it is in the aforementioned list it ends up on the floor. His twin brother is an eating machine. Don’t worry his doctor knows all of this, and he is perfectly healthy and built like a tank.

Given his distaste for new foods his appetite for paper, cardboard, plastic wrappers, and other assorted trash took us quite by surprise. For someone so picky about the food that goes into his mouth, the fact that he will happily eat all manner of household items still astounds us. Clearly this is not about food. But I digress.

It seems that, in a story that should be familiar to many parents, young Andrew has been picking at the backside of his diaper lately. We try to prevent the inevitable accidents by keeping “onesies” on both boys, but alas this in not always possible.

The details of the afternoon are a little murky, but near as I can tell he was in the sunroom playing on the tile floor with his toys when he managed to “grab a handful” from round back. He proceeded to do a little unintentional finger painting in his travels. He presented himself to his mother in a fine mess with, how shall I say it delicately… “chocolate cake face”. According to mom, the boy not only painted, he tasted the paint. On one hand this is clearly too gross to imagine, but on the other hand he did try an “new” food.

What ensue ensued next is was, I am told, a blur of baby wipes, baths in the mud room sink, crying, and general oogieness.


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