Thursday Tidbits

  • I got my first real paying add this morning. Up to now they had been network ads that I show up automatically. Since the add won’t start “playing” until later today, I thought I would give the guys over at East Bay Tech a little gratuitous linkage. Their product CTube! Internet TV, streaming video and more looks real interesting, especially if you are interested in live TV feeds from all over the world. Hell I wished I had it during the war so I could have watched Fox News and CNN at the office.
  • Don’t worry – I’m not going to do this for future advertisers…
  • Unique visitor number 20,000 stopped by last night, little more than 10 days after the 10,000th viewer. Thanks for checking in whoever you are (I haven’t scoured the logs yet.)
  • I’m going to move the the Running List of BlogSpot Defectors onto it’s own page soon.
  • Now that all the tool building is done, the site redesign is back at the top of the To Do List
  • Amish Tech Support has a caption contest running that you really don’t have any chance of winning..
  • You know what would be a really cool contest? Win a spot in Glenn’s RSS reader (His subscribed feed list).
  • Thanks for all the birthday well wishes… Kate gets the joke

Back to blogging. Topics on tap: America’s “Real” Weapon

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