One Last Trackback Gift

I’ve updated the Wizbang Stand Alone Trackback Pinger to accept input from a bookmarklet. The original post describing the need for this kind of tool is here.

Wizbang Trackback Bookmarklet Installation:

1) Drag the link below to your toolbar.

Wizbang Trackback

2) Say yes to any security warnings.
3) You’re done.

Usage Directions:

1) View the item you on your site that you want to send a trackback to another blog about. If you want your the target blog readers to be able to jump right to your post, make sure you are viewing the permalink version of the post.
2) Select the text you want to send in the trackback ping. *** When using the bookmarklet you do not need to copy the text, just highlight it.
3) Click on the Wizbang Trackback bookmarklet link in your toolbar
4) The trackback form should be populated with your permalink URL, blog name, and the selected text in the excerpt box.
5) You will need to cut and paste the trackback URL and your post title into the form – sorry I can’t do everything for you 🙂
6) Submit

Cool, huh? Enjoy!

Let me know if you have any problems with this…

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