Principles I Blog By

These are the principles I blog by. I’m not trying to preach or convert, just offing some food for thought. There are as many different ways to blog as there are bloggers. These principles work for me, your mileage may vary…

I decided early on that I would not overtly request another blog add me to their blogroll. I blogroll the blogs I read frequently and hope that some percentage, upon reading my work, would return the favor. So far this approach works for me, as it does not place the other blogger in the awkward situation of having to decline making a reciprocal link. I would love to be on the blogroll of some more of the top blogs, but I’ve found that not asking works for me. Eventually I win them over the old fashion way : hard work, good posts, and gratuitous linkage.

Return Favors When Possible
As I previously mentioned, I blogroll what I read, but I also blogroll sites that blogroll me. With a ranking around 200 on the Ecosphere I am now in the position to help other bloggers out by linking to them. Since I enjoyed Bill Quick’s Daily Pundit free for all, I put the comments section at Wizbang inline with the posts. This creates, in my mind, the potential for a running discussion and adds to the site’s interactivity. Like OTB I want to recognize sites that add Wizbang to their blogroll or refer a lot of traffic my way. I do link to stories on other sites as well, but I know that if someone blogrolls me, they will be recognized here.

Evolve Your Choice Of Topics
By that I mean that I am not immediately inclined to create a post about every major news story that crosses the wire. There are other sites that specialize in that. A couple of items a day catch my fancy or cause me to consider things long since forgotten. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses as a writer is very helpful.

Establish Boundaries That You Won’t Cross
My posts have gotten more personal, but that is because there are things I have wanted to say, but I needed the right time and context to say them. It helps when thinking of topics to have a base of what is and is not off limits.

Return Early Favors Done For You
When I first started out a few big name bloggers responded to my promotion attempts. Some linked my posts and others engaged me in conversation. I voraciously read posts on other sites covering the do’s and don’ts or blogging. I wanted to know what others thought was (or was not) proper behavior in this community. One conclusion I reached was that it is good form to promote that which you find worthy of promotion. If I ever become a big name blogger I’m not going to let it go to my head, I will engage as many beginning bloggers as my time will allow.

Do What You Can To Improve The Blogosphere
I found some areas of the blogosphere had been underserved or not addressed at all. I set about using my extremely limited programming skills and imagination to create the Running List of BlogSpot Defectors and the Stand Alone Trackback Pinger. Both of these projects attempt to address a deficiency in portions of the blogosphere. If you are not technically inclined, do help publicize efforts you find useful.

Be Interesting
This is more of a personal item. I try to maintain an interesting stream of posts. What is of interest to me may not be of interest to you – but at least you will know that upcomming posts will have been found interesting by one person: Me. More than once I’ve written and discarded a post because what started as a good idea turned into an uninteresting post.

Well there you go…

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