Father's Day Movies

For some reason I’m thinking about movies and Fathers Day today. About a month ago my wife and I were watching “The Rookie”, and we both got teary eyed when the son (Dennis Quaid) finally felt he had earned his dad respect. The more I thought about it the more I realized that smart directors use the father/son dynamic to get at the emotions of the male audience.

Nowhere was this better illustrated than “Field of Dreams” All the father/son themes are there, and most men are reduced to blubber by the “catch” scene at the end. On TiVo right now I’ve got a personal favorite “A River Runs Through It” (since it deals with fly fishing). So I’ve named two, maybe you can add a few more to the list in the comments. Just remembering how you felt watching the move reminds you of all the things you need to say to your Dad before it’s too late. Michele reminds you to call your dad.

Throw out some other great father/son movies and why they make you think about your Dad.

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