Shameless Plug

I’m trying to get myself worked up to post on current events, terrorism, WMD, the roadmap, etc. and it’s just not working…

Instead I want to sing the praises of Social Reject. Anyone who posts this:

…if I went across the street and whacked my jerkoff neighbor on the head with a crowbar (to get his attention) and then demanded that he keep his shitty music at a volume that can actually be tolerated by humans, it would be interpreted as unneighborly?

Should be visited on a regular basis. Notice I didn’t specify, by whom… 🙂

She has a contest that you need to check out: The Social Reject Blow Me Award for the most obnoxious blog on the Net, whether it’s obnoxious because of content, design or the simple fact that it even exists. I know you can think of some examples. Take this as an opportunity to skewer your enemies or denigrate your friends, but do participate.

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