Comment Construction Contest

Rachel Lucas is assailing one of her Spanish classmates whinny complaints about the difficulty of spelling in Spanish… I’m with Rachel on this one… I always found reading and writing in Spanish fairly straight forward. Anyway that’s besides the point. Rachel offers up a wonderful list of words with the same pronunciation and different spellings to illustrate the point that English is a complex language to learn and master.

After staring at the post for entirely too long, I finally recognized the gold mine staring me in the face. Rachel has provided all the words you need to make up a limerick, joke, story, etc. I’m sure Dave Winer wouldn’t understand how to do it, but intelligent Wizbang readers should be capable of producing something funny, amusing, touching, or just plain insane from the list of words in Rachel provides.

Challenge: Build the funniest comment possible using only words in Rachel’s post and the PS section of the post. If she later adds more, those will be eligible as well. To make it a little easier, you can also use: A, THE, AND, OR, BUT, MY, and IN.

Reward: The enduring respect of the masses.

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