Stupid Harvard Tricks

Here’s a supposedly brain bending puzzle from the Harvard Weblog of Dave Winer:

Your mission is to find a four-letter word that ends with the letters E, N and Y; in that order. You can go through the letters of alphabet to figure it out, A, B, C, D, E, F, G etc. If you’re like me [Dave], you’ll make it all the way to the end without coming up with an answer.

I don’t get it. How exactly is supposed to be some herculean task… Use your noodle, write the letters like this *ENY, and the guess the letter that replaces the *. Follow the link if you still haven’t figured out the answer…

Here is another equally lame puzzle, that should be called Don’s Amazingly Dumb Puzzle. I don’t get the difficulty of that one either. How hard is it to count the F’s in that sentence?

For the record I figured out the fist puzzle in a few seconds, and got the count right in the second. Anyone else find these very easy?

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