From The Useless World Records Department

Clearly these assclowns don’t play public courses. I swear East Potomac Golf Course might get that many off before lunch. At least it always looked that way to me…

LONDON (Reuters) –

491 golfers… Sunday.. set a world record for mass participation golf.. at the St Andrew’s Bay Gold Resort in Fife.
Never before have so many golfers — all starting from the first hole and walking rather than using golf buggies — completed a round on the same 72-par course in a single day.
The first golfers teed off in the early morning light at 3:30 a.m. while the last pairs got back to the clubhouse at nearly 10.00 p.m..
At its busiest, the competition saw six different pairs of golfers all playing the same hole. Representatives from the Guinness Book of Records were on hand to officiate.

Note: Reference to some British rower removed. I don’t care that some 3rd rate British celeb participated.

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