New Product Ideas

I am blessed cursed blessed with an active imagination. Often times I focus my thoughts on solving some problem by inventing a product or service to fill the need. Occasionally I follow through on these ideas, other times I do not. The end of the Internet “Gold Rush” filled with VC meetings and throwing cash at ideas ensured that I follow though on fewer of the ideas than I used to…

Eventually the products or services I imagine are created somewhere else. Rather that keep these ideas to myself, I’ve decided that throwing them out to the blogosphere makes good sense. My observations is that there are people in this space willing to run with and idea and build it, not so much for the sake of money, but to see if they can do it. Blogshares, Technocrati, Blogrolling, the list goes on and on. All were created an nurtured by bloggers and blog readers.

I’m usually good for one Wizbang idea a month; sometimes more, some times less. So if you are a developer or tinkerer I’d love to know if you build something based on one of the ideas I post here. I expect nothing in return, although a mention or link would be nice.

Idea #1

The Problem – As a big user of RSS readers, currently, SharpReader v.0903, I am amazed at the increased efficiency with which I can read content that appeals to me. Reading blogs this way is a blessing and a curse, as you can quickly reach the point of feed overload. If you were reading 25 blogs a day prior to getting a RSS reader, most users experience is that you’ll be reading 2 to 4 times that number with a RSS reader. The increase is due to the fact that your time is spent more efficiently reading what interests you. The next logical step in this progression is that your reading preferences be saved and use to present content that matches your preferences.

Product Specs – What I’m looking for in a next generation news reader is an advanced level of filters, view, and rules. One analogy that comes to mind is the Outlook rules engine. I would like to be able to have multiple views of my RSS space: one view with all the subscribed feeds; another view that shows all posts that meet certain key word matches; another view that is a combination of rules, etc. For rules I’m thinking things like:

Show all post from from today + any post from these 4 blogs about the Times scandal + the Asshated Celebrities category from Rachel Lucas.

The number of different views should be unlimited. Ideally the product would be able to save the rule to a file so I can take it with me to another machine and import it. I know of no product that can do this today. Of course I could be wrong, and I would love to know if I am. I’d try that product!

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