I’ve got lots of little tidbits to pass along, so I’m grouping them all together in the one post…

  • I’m not nearly as good as OTB or PoliBlog in acknowledging sites that have added me to their blogroll. If you have added Wizbang, THANK YOU!!! Rachel and Dean, thanks to both of you for encouragement and links in your blogrolls.
  • It’s the last night of the Rat Race, between Jay Solo and Right We Are!. Links to Jay links will return to Wizbang in full force tomorrow… I still don’t know who the winner is, but there’s certainly no looser. Maybe for an encore some trolls who have blogs can engage in a race down the Ecosystem. I wonder if it is harder to go up or down the Ecosystem?
  • Outside The Beltway’s Caption Contest for Friday June 6, 2003 is here. I haven’t put a caption in yet so you still have a shot.
  • chipstah!, who rocks and is too good for BlogSpot, is moving to his own MT site!!! Yeah, finally a RSS feed.
  • I’ve been talking to some designers about the site layout. Expect a whole new design and layout soon, shoot I might even have multiple skins. Not to worry, I’m not going to let the housekeeping get in the way of blogging. The current design is serviceable, if not great…
  • The Good Morning Blogosphere blog author interview went well enough that I’m going to continue it. A post for submissions will go up late Sunday/early Monday.
  • The Running List Of BlogSpot Defectors has been revamped and updated… For the tech types among you, I’ve separated the text in to a different post linked to the lists. The list is now an include file that is called in the post. This saves me a shitload of time. Now I just have to edit the text file and FTP it to the right spot on my server and the list is updated without having to do any publishing in the blog software.
  • Another note, if you are using the No BlogSpot logo and not linking back to the list, please do. I will find people using the logo for other purposes, and mock them mercilessly. If you are using the code provided to show the logo and link, host the picture on your server if at all possible, thanks.

Parting thought… Am I the only one who is completely over BlogShares? I never check on my portfolio any more. Last I checked it was up like 2000%. That’s pretty realistic, NOT.

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