Good Morning Blogosphere, Our Guest This Morning Is Claire…

Claire from was picked for this weeks blog author book tour. The setup is that she get’s to pitch herself, her site, and her post (It’s Human) in a Today show style interview format. This was a new experience for both Claire and me, so cut us both a little slack. Claire is a long time Mac user (from the 512 on up). She had a recent hiatus with a Gateway PC, but has returned to the Mac fold. We caught up with each other recently on IM to discuss her site and the post about the ideology behind the Olympic Park bomber, Eric Rudolph.

Kevin: Are you, what you would call very religious?
Claire: No, I don’t think you could say that…

Kevin: So what motivated you to do the research on this case?
Claire: I wanted to know about the organization that this wingnut… Uh, individual belonged to, to better understand his motivations. I can see how someone in that “state of mind” might justify bombing an abortion center but a random group at the Olympics?!? (Not that I *agree* with an abortion center bombing – I can follow their logic, is what I meant). There seems to be some pathology involved there, deep pathology.

Kevin: Who were you inspirations in the blogosphere.
Claire: I began reading the Command Post during the war and found it to be an extraordinary project. That was how I discovered blogs. The idea that I could read one person’s thoughts and ideas and the things that caught their eye is fascinating. I am interested in the phenomenon of blogging itself.

Kevin: With so many blog writing styles out there, which “styles” are you drawn to?
Claire: I like the experience of hearing someone’s thoughts and responses to their world (e.g. the Iranian bloggers). They give us chances like never before in history to see what life and current thought is like there.

Kevin: Do you have things or topics you want focus on at your site?
Claire: Space Exploration is important to me… The news and the odd bits that one finds are important in that they connect up to form a picture of the culture.

Kevin: Any ideas on the look and layout going forward?
Claire: Yes, I’m working with JoniElectric of as we speak. It ought to be ready within a week depending on her schedule. I would have loved to set it up all by myself – but took a look at the MT manual and got impatient. I’ll take my time on learning and playing with the site.

Kevin: Any story behind the blog name and description?
Claire: I set this blog up on a whim one day (at blog*spot) and it asked me all sorts of questions I hadn’t thought out beforehand. Pretentious name, isn’t it? “Simple tootsie” is a long-time “cute” remark made by friends about me. When I changed over to MT and Bloghosts the new template brought to my attention the description.

Kevin: But you kept it, so it must not have been a term of derision.
Claire: No, it’s a term of affection and irony, I think… and I *am* a country girl.

Kevin: What’s going to go in your profile? Do you know what I mean?
Claire: Prime of Life, Northern California, I have ducks, geese, chickens whom I plan to photograph and put on the site as soon as I figure *that* out…

Kevin: What are you goals for your blog?
Claire: It is an exploration of a new thing happening. I want to see what the experience is like from both the writer’s and the reader’s perspectives. Participating is fun, it’s sort of like travel – it broadens the mind. Also, I’ve never written and had the opportunity to get feedback from strangers. That is what I look forward too getting a good discussion going in the comments section.

Kevin: How long are you going to keep at it?
Claire: I am not as driven as some I have seen who have made great success in only a couple of months, but I am desirous of having a little more traffic in hopes of sparking some of that comment section discussion. I’m glad that I managed to have some time to get into the habit and make the pursuit mine before I had anyone watching…

Kevin: Politics?
Claire: No thank you :-). The quiz that went around a couple of weeks ago put me low and to the left – in the libertarian range (small ‘L’ libertarian). Large ‘L’ Libertarian seems like an oxymoron, to me. I am anti big government, annoyed by ‘liberals’ as they seem to be becoming puckerbutted extremists of late.

Kevin: So there will be some flaming of both sides from you?
Claire: From me? Probably not. Of me? Perhaps. I’ve read that one should not feed the trolls. – I can’t wait.

Kevin: Good luck on you site. The writing is the hard part. Quality readers will find you and read you regardless of the bells and whistles. You seem to be doing fine on the quality writing part. Readers, be sure to visit Claire’s site and check out her post on the Ruldolph case.
Claire: Thank you very much.

Well there you have it, installment number one of the blog authors book tour on Good Morning Blogosphere. Thank you to Claire for participating. Solicitations for next weeks victim guest will come out in a post on Monday.

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