Did The Blogoshpere Help Oust Raines And Boyd?

By the time you read this, you will probably already know that New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines and Managing Editor Gerald Boyd resigned Thursday in the wake of the journalistic fraud scandal involving reporter Jayson Blair. InstaPundit, Mickey Kaus, and a host of other blogs have links to the breaking story. The full AP release is available here.

So what role, if any, did bloggerdom have in their sudden departure?

My guess is that the big four will hardly get a passing mention in the mainstream media in the post game analysis. Mickey Kaus has been on the story non-stop, as have a large variety of others. In the end the Microsoft alliance of MSNBC, Slate, Newsweek, and the Washington Post appear to have been the real force behind the “retirements”. The death knell may have been sounded by Newsweek and WaPo (as Kaus refers to it) columnist Howard Kurtz. Visit kausfiles for all the links…

I’m sure there will be much back slapping amongst the blogs who were all over the controversy, but much as in the case of Trent Lott, the blogosphere may get credit for building a groundswell but “old” media will take the head(s) for their trophy case.

Maybe some day the big four will be able to hunt and bring down someone or something in their targets without assistance from the mainstream media, but not yet. If that day ever does arrive; I wonder if that will actually be a positive development for the blogosphere?

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