New trends…

A couple site are droping the Blogger interface to publishing to non blogspot hosts…

Right We Are! is going to pMachine, and they brought in a guest blogger to keep the content freshe while they scury about fixing up the new site.
Peoria Pundit has already moved to pMachine as well.

Since I don’t use pMachine or MT, I have no idea which is better, but both of these sites will be much more reader friendly. I was actually impressed with the Dano interface that blogger is coming out with, but at the end of the day it’is w.bloggar for me. Gotta remember to get a donation to Marcelo.

Now if we can just get Jay to move… A couple more day’s and I can throw him proper links… Of course he has figured out that leaving comments subverts my evil scheme…

Dvorak Guest Blogging At Boing Boing
Interview Me!!!

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