Interview Me!!!

Let’s say you are a blogger who has just written the ultimate post… What next? Well obviously you stand back and admire it, but how to tell the world. If I had the answer to that, I’d be doing it instead of writing about it.

Promoting a particular post is a dicey proposition. We’ve already seen the backlash in some quarters of the blogosphere to self promotion. But who is going to be as passionate about your post as you are? Likely no one.

So self promoting is fraught with dangers of being derided as a publicity seeking link whore. The best analogy I could come up with is an author’s book tour. You know how these authors go town to town, for a quick pitch of their hard labor on “Good Morning Boise”. That must be the ugly downside of life as a professional writer.

I figured that perhaps I could help promote one blog piece a week by doing a cheesy morning show style interview with the author (to be posted here with links to your site and post). You would get a chance to promote your work and site. Interviews will be conducted via IM or E-mail. The interview and links will be posted here on Thursday.

How to participate, there are two ways. Monday mornings I will announce that nominations are open in a post here at Wizbang. Put the link in the URL box on the comment screen (don’t put it in the comment section since my comment won’t format it as a hyperlink), and give a summary in the comment. The benefit of this approach is that other readers may click on your name and be taken to the post, whether or not I choose you for the interview. Alternatively, you can send me an E-mail with a link to the article and a summary, but you will not get any free publicity this way.

1) I’ll only consider entries receive via comment or E-mail on Monday’s.
2) I need some way to contact you, so your E-mail address better be listed on your web site.
3) Send the “A” list stuff, don’t bother submitting a story about the color of your boogers.
4) That’s about it for now, I’m sure I’ll think of more later.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to regret this, but what the hell… Michele’s Whore Yourself at A Small Victory day inspired me…

Update: See comment number 1 below for how to properly submit a post, notice the link goes to the article, and a summary is left in the comment. Thanks to Jane for setting a good example!

Update 2: I’ve picked my interview subject and will be contacting them via E-mail tonight. Not going to announce yet… You’ll see when the interview is posted. In the meantime I want to thank everyone for the submission. Site readers are advised to visit the links in the comments to find fresh quality material! Hopefully some extra traffic will be sent towards contestants.

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