Kazaa Cribs My Idea!

Looks like Kazaa is taking a portion of my proposal to the record and applying it to the Kazaa network. CNet is reporting that Kazaa will pay users to host legit files via that insidious spyware arrangement they have with Brilliant Digital Entertainment.

The idea, says Altnet CEO Kevin Bermeister, is to harness the computing resources of the tens of millions of Kazaa users to distribute authorized files such as games, songs and movies. Giving people an incentive to host and trade paid files could create a powerful medium for distributing authorized content and could diminish file-trading networks’ role as hubs of online piracy, he said.

“The minute you begin shifting unauthorized files out of people’s shared folders, the peer-to-peer networks (as sources of copyright infringement) begin to disappear,” Bermeister said. “Lawsuits are the stick approach. This is the carrot.”

Let see, paraphrasing my post on the old blogspot site of May 5 (Trust me use the link at the top of this post – only the date is wrong due to the site migration) :

Here is my offer to the record companies. I will opt-in to a piece of software that ensures that my computer does not store ill gotten music or media under one condition: You have to pay me! My payment, of course, would be in music or credits to CD stores, online music services, etc. Basically I agree not to participate in music trading for a payoff. If participating in the slow demise (one PC at a time) of the P2P networks earned me the opportunity to make one legal mix CD every couple months I would probably sign on. A lot of other casual users might sign on as well.

About the only piece they do not address is whether these paid users will still be able to get pirated content.

I’ve been robbed, I want royalties!!!

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