Fisking Acidman

Well the impending departure of Acidman from the blogosphere has been noted elsewhere. On the way out he decided that he needed to rail against Kate at for crimes against the blogging world. Of course his diatribe deserved a more detailed analysis ala Misha. So here goes:

When I started blogging, I did it to vent a lot of inner demons. I wrote honestly and I wrote from my soul. I didn’t give a damn where the chips fell. I still don’t.

Fair enough. Blogging provides an outlet for all kinds of emotions.

I was pleased when my traffic picked up, and once I was able to send visitors to new blogs I discovered, I was both happy and proud to do that. I mentioned before that I wished someone like ME had been around when I got started.

Delusions of grandeur make their first appearance. Cranky oddballs were well represented on the Internet in 2001. Your first archive was December 2001. At that point veteran cranks were way past web burnout. Placing a hyperlink on a web page did not arrive on the scene with the advent of your blog. There are some of us who remember the web when the original directory of all new pages for the month was a 50K page hosted at the Mosaic site at NCSA in 1994.

I got hit by some of the Tall Dogs, but I didn’t send them tittie-pictures, troll them or promise them blow-jobs for a link. They liked what I wrote and linked it. They found it on their own. I always thought blogging was like putting a note in a bottle and casting it into the sea. Maybe it will wash ashore somewhere and someone will read it, or maybe not.

Reading a web page and clicking a link, as previously discussed, predated your arrival on the scene. In 2001 a large number of pages promised blow-jobs and titties. Porn sites were the only boom era business making real money as opposed to burning through VC money. Don’t believe me? Check out and try to find porn outfits in the Bankruptcy Hall Of Fame

I was stupid to do that.

So you are saying that writing your blog was a stupid idea, yet you continued.

You want to get famous fast? I’ve seen how that’s done. You suck off people’s knowledge about how to set up a site, ditch them when you’ve sucked the goodie out, run through their blogrolls and mass email everybody with links to your posts, troll constantly and show your titties. Then, turn around and shit on everyone who helped you get started because you are BIG TIME now, and you don’t need those little shits anymore.

And this is a problem how? You describe one of many possible ways to get “famous”. I will not address who has or has not used the strategy you outline. Suffice it to say there are as many different ways to get noticed as there are blogs trying to get noticed. Your perscription seems to be do it my way, or you’re “wronging everyone”. And what is it that is so earth shatteringly important that we are all trying to gain? Traffic? Recall that recent research calculates blog readership as a portion of Internet traffic as negligible (it might have been “statistically insignificant – meaning some level so low that it was unmeasureable). What a prize!

When NZ Bear offers a chance for “microbes” to be noticed, elbow everybody out of the way and sit your already-primate ass in the driver’s seat. Behave like a combination of a whore and a used-car salesman. Use every trick in the book. Never rest in your quest to climb, using whoever you have to step on to do it.

So you’ve never promoted your blog? What then is a blogroll? It’s a billboard of ads for other blogs, some percentage of which will advertise your blog whether you ask them to or not. As to the microbes feelings, best to let a microbe comment on that. I suppose submitting your URL to Google is a frowned on practice as well for sites that already have traffic. It wouldn’t be fair for InstaPundit to get more traffic, now would it?

Does not the NZ Bear have some responsibility in this matter? It is his blog. I don’t see a sign on the site that says that his system is run by the Google News AI engine. Microbes On Parade is editor chosen. Its his blog, he can ignore Kate, you, me and anyone else he wants to. In fact he is begging people to stay away from the list until the next update, so that it is not too long. He does have an HTML editor, and can remove or add anyone from the list he likes.

If that’s what blogging is about, I want no part of it.
No one demands anyone’s presence in the blogoshpere. People come, people go, no one cares. Your passing will be the same.

Yeah, VENOMOUS KATE, I’m talking about your campaign. (Whoo-hoo! There’s another LINK!!!! for you!!!!!) I just THOUGHT my ex-wife was a bloodless cunt. That was before I encountered YOU.
Go forth and prosper, you demented woman. May you receive all the adoration and traffic you seek. May everything you did as you clawed your way up the ladder prove to be worthwhile in your slitted, serpentine eyes. You are indeed a snake.
But you can kiss MY Cracker ass.
You made blogging ugly. You made it a marketing scheme, with the emphasis on SCHEME. You seldom write, but you SCHEME constantly.

Now we’ve reached the arguments logical conclusion. Let’s recap the logic of the argument:

1) I was an idiot when I started, and I may still be an idiot.
2) I got linked by some bigger sites out of the goodness of their hearts. I never sent e-mail or linked to their stories. But if I did, I did it the “right” way.
3) I did no wrong on my way to higher readership, other than calling people every expletive in the book. But since it was a character not my real persona, it’s OK.
4) Other people are not following my path to higher readership. Some of them want a lot of visitors before their number has come up.
5) If you are not doing it how I did it (the “right” way) you are doing it wrong.
6) Doing it wrong is against the rules.
7) I don’t like that others are not following my “rules” so I’m going to quit.

Well my version is a little shorter on the good ol boy vernacular, but I make it easier for the casual reader to follow the logic. Apparently if you don’t write you can’t blog. This explains why no one ever visits InstaPundit or DailyPundit. Promoting your site is also against the “rules”. So all you little chicks with your cutesy web rings and fancy graphics just cut it out, that kind of behavior is not “right”. You can’t interact with other bloggers unless receive their permission. You may not blogroll anything you find on someone else’s site without permission from the site you found it on.

And if you don’t like this post, then fucking sue me, lawyer-bitch.

I believe that she has addressed your thoughts by not addressing them. Go ahead, call me names, call me Kate’s bitch (there I wrote one for you). If that makes you feel better then have fun. I unlike others put my name on my posts. I do not judge people who use pseudonyms (including you).

I also don’t know Kate. I’ve commented on some posts on her site and vice versa. She was nice enough to send me a piece of code that she figured that I needed; unsolicited by me. She’s never asked to be on my blogroll, nor have I ever asked to be on hers. Perhaps we are on each others blogroll because we followed your linking “rules”. But I’m sure you will go conspiracy theory on me and accuse me of being involved in a sinister cabal to suck the statistically insignificant blog readership away from “true blogs” such as yours (see I wrote another one for you). T
he point is it’s her blogroll and blog and she can do whatever she pleases with it.

Update: In a predictably chicken shit salad attempt to blow the whole fiasco off, we learn that Acidman really had no intention of stopping his site. Must have been some sort of unspoken anti-marketing marketing campaign. Somehow the protestations that “I write. I DON’T market.” ring false. If you are as upright and virtuous as you claim you would apologize. And not that half hearted bullshit on your site.

Update 2: Rob’s retort. He certainly seems to have snapped out of whatever funk he was in, and be back to his blogging self.

My thanks to those of you who wrote privately expressing support. Where I come from, you don’t treat ladies that way, ever..

End of story…

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