Amazing Race 4

God dammit, I forgot to set a season pass on AR4, so I missed the first episode. Is there a possible heir to Flo’s throne this year? With all the shitty places in the world right now, I’m curious as to what the course will look like. Maybe they’ll make a stop in Middle East? Not likely a good spot for a group of backpack wearing Americans with cameras following them.

Update: The season pass is now set, I’ll have to pick it up at week 2. Maybe I’ll head over to SirLinksAlot AR4 page and see what happened.

Update 2: Now I’m really bummed I missed it. Reality News Online reports that Flo’s name was already invoked by one of the teams:

Headed for the pit stop, we have Amanda and Chris fighting while Millie and Chuck just stroll right by them. Amanda is dragging and Chris yells at her, “Come on, Flo!” Ah, he obviously watched the third Amazing Race. Chuck says that Millie motivates him. Isn’t that sweet?

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