The Fox Spin On The Peterson Baby Autopsy

Fox News has this piece with details of the Peterson autopsy.

A source close to the investigation told Fox News that it’s possible the baby may have been born before he died.

Previous news reports have said that Laci’s womb was intact when her body was found.

But sources say the latest news is subject to debate, since the fetus was in good condition, and his tissue was very soft, indicating that he had been in the water for some time.

The state of the fetus also could indicate that the baby was inside the mother’s womb under water and expelled naturally, but now the discovery of the plastic tape around the baby’s neck raises questions as to how and why it was there. What was around the unborn child’s neck could also be a combination of nylon, twine and plastic, according to the autopsy report.

Sources say it’s possible the baby may have been strangled and that it’s not likely the tape was placed around the neck after the body was discovered.

They did not rule out that the plastic somehow got wrapped around the baby’s neck while he was under water, and that the plastic may have been debris.

Geraldo gets a byline credit… Along with every other talking head at Fox…

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