Sport Site That Suck!

So I was going to post a little entry about Rashaan Salaam catching on with the 49ers, and I wanted to do some background research. All I remember of him was that he played high school football in my hometown, and won the Heisman at CU. He never made it amounted to much in the pro’s, allegedly due to affinity for the “herb”. So I do a Google search and find this site (which shall remain linkless):

I clicked on the link in the Google search results pane and 5 new windows pop open, 3 different Active X controls try to install, just pure evil. Fuckers, they’re going into my IE Restricted Sites Zone. Never ever visit them, stick to sports sites you know…

If Google really wants to add a cool new feature, how about adding a feedback option, which you can permanently filter shitty site like this out of your results.

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